Sunday, October 09, 2005

There goes the B horror flicks

Turns out the Federalist Society is not evil.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Reaction to the Miers nomination

  • Somehow I don't think that comparing Harriet Miers to Earl Warren is going to score her big points with conservatives. Just a thought. [Hotline]
  • "Uneasy"..."tepid", sounds like everyone loves Miers! [AP via Yahoo]
  • And all this information tells us...nothing about Miers. Fun. [SCOTUSblog]
  • "OH NOOOOOOEZ! STOP ATTACKING HER!!!" Yeah, critical thought really is a terrible thing. [Des Moines Register]
  • Nothing says a party like "obscure Texas case." [Wall Street Journal Online]
  • "Harriet Miers will be a great justice on the Supreme Court. I'm not entirely positive of that..." What? [Hotline via Wonkette]

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Remembering Rehnquist

Notre Dame law professor Richard W. Garnett on his clerkship with Rehnquist:
During my clerkship year, the chief, my co-clerks, and I played tennis together weekly at a public, outdoor court near Capitol Hill. (We played on the same day that the week's "cert memos," analyzing petitions filed by those seeking review of their cases, were due, so—more than a few times—clerks played without having slept.) We took turns driving and buying a new can of balls. I was the chief's doubles partner that year, and I several times beaned him with my hopelessly chaotic serves. One day, I am ashamed to admit, after yet another double-fault, I slammed my racket to the ground and yelled an extremely unattractive expletive. My co-clerks looked across the net at me in horror. The chief, though, didn't turn around. He just slowly bent over, put his hands on his knees, and started laughing.

Tennis and Top Buttons - Remembering William H. Rehnquist [Slate via The Volokh Conspiracy]

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Chief Justice Rehnquist died last night. For now, I send you over to three excellent articles on the subject:

Volokh Conspiracy
No Oil for Pacifists

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Bush will renominate Roberts for the top spot. But right now, nothing is certain except for uncertainty.

Isn't this a great time to be alive?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Religion vs. Law

Eugene Volokh gives his thoughts on the recent incident of infants being infected with herpes during circumcision. I basically agree with him, really. I'm Jewish, and I understand the importance of circumcision rites. But like Volokh says, the possible burden on a child caused by allowing this procedure outweighs the burden on religion adults caused by banning the procedure.

Bloodsucking Circumcision [Volokh Conspiracy]

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Yee-haw: John Roberts round-up

  • In 1982, Roberts pushed for a ban on busing and employment quotas. [Washinton Post via Wonkette]
  • Roberts also pushed for a ban on underwear quotas. Who knew? [Pug Bus]
  • In 1984, Roberts showed a little libertarian skin and urged Reagan to limit policing powers. A man after my own heart! [New York Times via Wonkette]
  • Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, tells Roberts to expect questions about the Bybee memo. [NYT via Wonkette]
  • Rebecca Hagelin reflects on how much the Founding Fathers would have less-than-threed Roberts, offering occasional rational commentary alongside her usual nutjobbery. Weirded out! [The Heritage Foundation]
  • Last time Roberts appeared for questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was subjected to what Orrin Hatch called "dumb-ass questions." Then again, he was also subjected to Orrin Hatch. [WP]
  • Time has an article outlining "5 things you should know about Roberts." Also, if the content of that article is completely foreign to you, here's 1 think you should know about yourself: the nuclear war never happened, you can come out of your nuclear fallout shelter now. [Time]
  • Group calls for "the close examination of Roberts' record" by the Senate. Wow, thanks! If you hadn't sent out this press release, the Senate would've just played a game of hopscotch and then passed him on through! [U.S. Newswire]
  • Roberts is a psychic. Or something. Is August really this slow for the Washington Post? [WP]

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Something's not right here

You just know something's wrong with a study when its results "show" that UChicago's law faculty is more liberal than Berkeley's.

Political Diversity on Law School Faculties [The Volokh Conspiracy]

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"Green petite cars"

I want one. That is all.

Green petite cars tempt tourists [BBC News]

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My love for John Roberts knows no bounds

John Roberts apparently is as much of a stickler for grammar as he is for strict constructionism. Excellent.

In a memorandum[...], responding to a letter from David T. Willard, an elementary school superintendent in Illinois who opposed the administration's education policies, Mr. Roberts again concluded that no legal issues needed to be addressed by the White House counsel. But he took the opportunity to note, "The letter is very sarcastic, although Willard inadvertently proves our point about the quality of public education by incorrectly using 'affect' for 'effect.' "
[NYT via Wonkette]

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